Senior Executive Producer IMDb Credit


Your name as Senior Executive Producer on IMDb and in the OPENING TITLE credits of the film

Your name on the Official Movie Poster and End Credit Block of the Official Movie Trailer


Signed DVD or Blu-ray

  • Your choice of a DVD or Blu-ray signed by CAST and DIRECTOR

Signed Director’s Script

  • Official Script with DIRECTOR’S NOTES signed by writer/director Dawn Fields (digital)

Signed Movie Poster

  • Official Movie Poster signed by the CAST and DIRECTOR  (digital high-res file to print yourself!)

Digital Download of the Film!

  • Digital Download of the film (just before its public release!)

VIP Online Watch Party

  • Invitation to the PRIVATE BACKERS-ONLY online Watch Party BEFORE the film’s public release!
  • Be the first to see the film!

Backer Thank you

  • A ‘Thank You’ for your kind support of our film

Your Name on Our Website

  • Your name under ‘Meet Our Backers’ on our website

Exclusive Backer Email Updates

  • Exclusive BACKER-ONLY updates regarding pre-pro, production, post, marketing and distribution as we go through it!

Shout Out

  • Shout out on social media

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